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Bachelor of Pharmacy,Universidad Complutense, Madrid, 1994

PhD, PharmD, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, 2000

Staff scientist of the AIDS Immunopathology Unit (National Center of Microbiology, Instituto de Salud Carlos III)

My interest in Immunology began during my studies in Pharmacy, thanks to Prof. Dr. Miguel Sánchez-Pérez. My PhD studies were performed under his tutelage and my doctoral thesis was focused on the aberrant expression of HLA-DP molecule in different types of autoimmune diseases. However, I always had interest in the role of the immune system during infectious processes and the mechanisms of interaction virus-host.

After my post-doctoral training in the unit of Respiratory Viruses at the National Center for Microbiology (ISCIII), where I learned a great deal about molecular biology techniques and I standardized several diagnostic methods, I started working at the AIDS Immunopathology Unit, directed by Dr. José Alcamí. For a long time, I have been focused on the study of the HIV-1 regulator protein Tat, not only about its role in viral transcription, latency and reactivation, but also from the point of view of the infected cell, in which Tat induces severe structural and functional changes that contribute to the immunopathology of HIV-1. Nowadays, I am conducting a research on the possible application of new drugs that inhibit cellular factors essential for viral replication (PKCq, Lck) in order to determine their usefulness for the treatment of patients with acute infection.

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