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Masterof Science in Biology from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, June 2001.

Masterof Science in Food Technology from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, June 2005.

PhD in Molecular Biology from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, October 2008. (Awarded for best thesis in basic research area by Instituto de Salud Carlos III)

My interest in the field of virology started during my training at the Collage of Biology when I was fascinated by the fact that such a small particle as a virus could virtually deregulate each cellular function, resulting in the parasitizing of such a complicate organism as the human being. Since that moment, I have worked in virology, firstly in molecular diagnosis of viral respiratory infections (2002-2003) and later in the study of HIV-1 pathogenesis in T lymphocytes (2003-present).

My main achievement in the field of HIV/AIDS infection is describing the functions of the viral protein Tat and importance of Tat components in HIV-1 pathogenesis in T cells. During the last years, my research has focused on searching new antiviral treatments based in the specific inhibition of PKC proteins during primary infection.

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