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Degree in Biology from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 2007

PhD from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid, 2012

Sara Borrell Postdoctoral researcher in AIDS Immunopathogenesis Unit, National Centre of Microbiology. Instituto de Salud Carlos III. Madrid

 Since I started my studies in Biology at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, I had much interest in all subjects focused on cellular and molecular biology. For that reason, in my last year of university, I decided to make a final research project related with DNA damage in sperm human samples. I continued my research in the field of human reproduction for five years, giving me the opportunity to make my PhD in Science for the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

Although I have spent part of my scientific career in the field of human reproduction, I have always been interested in the scientific advances of the viral life cycle of HIV. For this reason, in 2012 I started working on AIDS Immunopathology Unit, led by Dr. José Alcamí. During this time I have worked in several research projects to learn a large number of techniques. I am currently working as a post-doctoral researcher with Sara Borrell contract, focusing my research on patients with limb girdle muscular dystrophy 1F (LGMD1F) who carrying the mutation on the gene coding of Transportin-3 protein (TNPO-3) implicated in the viral life cycle of HIV-1.

Download this file (sara_rodriguez.pdf)Sara Rodríguez full CV[Press here]95 kB

Bachelor of Biology from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 1996

Ph.D. from the University Complutense, Madrid, 2003

Government Researcher in Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Madrid, 2008

My first contact in the HIV research fields took placed at the Carlos III Hospital (Madrid, Spain) in 1996. In this field I have conducted various research projects on the studies of HIV co-infection along with hepatitis viruses (HCV and HBV). In 2003 I get a doctoral degree in this area. From this date, I have been working as a senior researcher at the Immunopathology Unit of AIDS on development and applicability of techniques based on the generation of recombinant virus for determination of viral tropism, replicative capacity and phenotypic resistance. In 2008 I became an official staff in this institution that has allowed me to continue my scientific career. Currently my main research objective relies on the investigation of the viral envelope and the application of new technologies for viral tropism studies.

Download this file (mayte_perez.pdf)Mayte Pérez full CV[Press here]97 kB

Laboratory Technician in Clinical Diagnosis, Puerta de Hierro University Hospital, Madrid, 2003

Finnova Fellowship, Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Madrid (AIDS Immunopathology Unit, National Center of Microbiology), 2004-2005

Laboratory Technician in Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Madrid (AIDS Immunopathology Unit, National Center of Microbiology), 2005-present.

My interest for Immunology began when I performed a fellowship training at Instituto de Salud Carlos III. Since then I have been working in the AIDS Immunopathology Laboratory under the direction of Dr. José Alcamí.

During my career I have learned several techniques of molecular biology, cell biology, cloning techniques, characterization of neutralizing antibodies, etc. Nowadays, I continue to learn many new techniques and that is why my interest in the subject has grown year after year.

Currently, I work with Dr. Mayte Coiras who is conducting a study for characterize the possible application of new drugs to inhibit cellular factors essential for HIV-1 replication, such as PKCθ and Lck, in order to determine their usefulness for the treatment of HIV-1 infected patients with acute infection.

Download this file (elena_mateos.pdf)Elena Mateos full CV[Press here]704 kB

Diploma in Nursing

Scientific Assistant in the AIDS Immunopathology Unit since 2000

I was born and growth between the Sierra of Guadarrama and Madrid, where I studied, trained and I've spent most of my life.

Since I started my career in 1979, I have devoted most of my work in the area of ​​infectious diseases. First as Nurse in the Intensive Care Unit of the National Hospital for Infectious Diseases, then as Supervisor of Nursing Service of Infectious Diseases, Hospital Carlos III (Madrid) , and from 2000 onwards, as a scientific assistant Dr . José Alcamí in AIDS Immunopathology Unit at the National Center for Microbiology (Majadahonda , Madrid).

I currently live in the Sierra of Madrid and when not working (at home or in the lab) I cast my time between my three great passions: music, cuisine and gardening.

Download this file (CV O PALAO 2016.pdf)Olga Palao CV[ ]110 kB

Masterof Science in Biology from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, June 2001.

Masterof Science in Food Technology from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, June 2005.

PhD in Molecular Biology from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, October 2008. (Awarded for best thesis in basic research area by Instituto de Salud Carlos III)

My interest in the field of virology started during my training at the Collage of Biology when I was fascinated by the fact that such a small particle as a virus could virtually deregulate each cellular function, resulting in the parasitizing of such a complicate organism as the human being. Since that moment, I have worked in virology, firstly in molecular diagnosis of viral respiratory infections (2002-2003) and later in the study of HIV-1 pathogenesis in T lymphocytes (2003-present).

My main achievement in the field of HIV/AIDS infection is describing the functions of the viral protein Tat and importance of Tat components in HIV-1 pathogenesis in T cells. During the last years, my research has focused on searching new antiviral treatments based in the specific inhibition of PKC proteins during primary infection.

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